preference share

preferred shares of a corporation that have first claim to preferred dividends. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
A type of share that pays a fixed percentage dividend. Preference shareholders come before the ordinary shareholder when it comes to payment of dividends and if a company is wound up. However, as with Ordinary shares a dividend is only distributed if the company has sufficient distributable profits available. Financial Services Glossary

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preference share preference share Share

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   Preference or preferred shares entitle a holder to a prior claim on any dividend paid by the company before the payment is made on ordinary shares. The holder also has a prior claim on assets in the event of a liquidation. Typically these shares do not carry voting or pre-emptive rights.
   ► See also Ordinary Share Capital.

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preference share UK US noun [C] (also preferred share, mainly UK also preferential share) FINANCE, STOCK MARKET
a share in a company that gives the owner the right to receive a dividend (= part of the company's profit) before dividends are paid to owners of common shares, or when dividends on common shares are not paid at all
See also COMMON SHARE(Cf. ↑common share), PARTICIPATING PREFERENCE SHARE(Cf. ↑participating preference share), PREFERENCE STOCK(Cf. ↑preference stock), PREFERRED STOCK(Cf. ↑preferred stock)

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